Baptisms / Christenings

Page Last Updated: 6/09/18

Baptism (or Christening) is a symbolic act that marks the initiation of a person into the universal church of Jesus Christ.

The infant’s parents and God parents (or the ‘Candidate’ themselves, if they are old enough to make the decision themselves) make vows to bring the child up promoting the Christian faith and Christian values, to bring the child to Sunday school and some church services, and if possible, to send the child to a church school. This is to give them a Christian foundation on which they can make a decision about their own commitment to Jesus Christ when they are mature enough to do so.

Anyone who is resident in the parish is entitled to be baptised in the parish church, at the discretion of the Rector. If you are not resident in this parish, you need to ask your own parish vicar or church wardens to give permission: they can either sign a brief note, or send an email to the Rector. They may ask your reasons for wanting the baptism here and not in your own parish.

Once you have completed the application form, (which MUST include phone numbers); please contact the Rector to arrange a meeting. NOTE : IT IS NOT A FIRM BOOKING UNTIL THE APPLICATION FORM IS FULLY COMPLETED AND THE MEETING WITH THE RECTOR AFTER THE FORM IS RECEIVED BY HIM, HAVE TAKEN PLACE.

Below is the Parish boundary map (click on it to make larger)Or see the list streets in the parish (some newer developments may not appear on the list, Contact the Rector, if in doubt).

GODPARENTS: Usually there are three god parents required, who are adults, and who themselves must have been baptised: two women and a man for a girl, or two men and a woman for a boy; or for either, two men and two women (e.g. two couples), and must be at least 16 years of age.

All parents and god parents should be aware of the vows they have to make and be comfortable with them.

Our baptisms take place at the Sunday morning service (10:00am), on certain Sundays only, at the discretion of the Rector, and if no other baptism is already booked for that day.



As and alternative, we can offer, within the worship service, ‘A thanksgiving for the birth of a child’. This has much to commend it. It can be as much of an occasion as a baptism.  It is preferred by parents who wish to let their child make up their own mind about baptism when they are old enough, or for parents or God parents who feel unable to commit to the baptismal vows.




This is the act of committing ones self to joining a particular denomination and parish church, within the Church of England, and some others, to confirm the baptism vows made previously.

In the case of a young child, the confirmation is left until they are old enough to make their own decision and commitment.


Confirmation services occur on a regular basis throughout the deanery (the group of Churches within the local area to which we belong to). Please contact the Rector regarding confirmations.