It is a blessing to see that some new activities planned last year have come to bear fruit. The “Who let the dads out” has now been running since September 2018 every month on the third Saturday morning of each month.  A number of dads and their children have taken part over the months, and we now have a small, but dedicated core who attend regularly and help.  Particular thanks to Bob for his dedication to this project. We could do with some extra helpers (men or women) to assist with running even on a rota basis so there is cover if regulars are not available, from time to time.

        The Sunday “Film Club” is now up and running, showing a Christian bible story cartoon, whilst children also engage in Christian based colouring of liturgical season based drawings.  It would be helpful to have more volunteers to supervise this on rota.

        Messy church continues to provide Christian based fun and learning on the first Saturday of each month, and I would like to thank Annie for planning the activities, and those who help with the running.

        Milton Munchies have received an award from the Council for its ministry to the local community. This is pleasing recognition to the hard work of our volunteers running it, led by Chris and Pam.

        I would, on behalf of the church, thank our church wardens, Sarah and Ian, for their tremendous efforts. As well as running the Wednesday after school youth club, have helped at Munchies, led a team to decorate the hall during last summer, fitted security cameras, as well as “usual” church warden duties.

        Thanks to all who have helped with the life and work of the church; to our verger and his assistants, those helping with sides person’s duties, and our young team of computer operators, Tea & coffee makers, singers, and those on the new counting rota, those who clean during the week, and PCC members and Treasurer and secretary.  I would like to thank Patricia for her many years of dedication as Parish Safeguarding Officer, and we wish her well settling into her new home in a new area. Thanks to Keith for now taking this Parish Safeguarding Officer role, on.

Through the year we have been sad at the loss of church members who have died, now trusting them to our Lord.  Increasing numbers of church members have jobs which require them to work on Sundays.  This means average weekly congregation numbers are slightly down, although we have been blessed with a number of new people joining our fellowship.  As the new electoral roll is produced at the six yearly revision, names may change, but, on balance, numbers are broadly similar to six years ago.

I have been pleased to develop new pastoral relationships with Chantry School, and have been recently given the privilege of leading class assemblies at the school.  I continue in my role as ex officio foundation governor at Holy Trinity School, and regularly lead whole school assemblies.

The job of rector is becoming ever more burdened with ever increasing administration, particularly in the areas of safeguarding, GDPR, and charities legislation. I very much appreciate your support and prayers.

Rev Graham Herbert.


1 Fabric

          Well another successful year with in the parish center the redecoration and projector scheme completed in the hall, being done in house saving over £3k, we would like to thank everybody who helped.

We are still waiting to hear from the council on when the work will commence on the boundary wall.

Next project will be the redecoration of the kitchen.

           Other works during the year included,

  1.  CCTV installed inside and outside the parish center, recording 24hrs.
  2.  New lighting in the parish center foyer
  3.  New fuse board fitted in the parish center (due to being overloaded)   

2 Services

We want to thank and appreciate those who have supported us in effectively running the church, these people include: who have read lessons, led us in prayer, A/V, Side persons, second chalice, Vergers, Cleaners, Gardeners, teas & coffees and those who assist in the day-to-day running of our church.

Financial Review

The total income received for the year ended 31st December 2018 was £40,799.  This amount included one off amounts of  £300 from the Cobham and Gravesend Deaneries Fund for “The After School Club”, £450 Gravesham Borough Council Grant for “Who Let The Dads Out” and from the Listed Places of  Worship Grant Scheme £2747 repayment of VAT on amounts paid on Repairs.   The remaining £37,302 from our regular income was used to run the Church and Hall.

The total expenditure for the year was £43,490, being expenditure for the running and maintenance of the Church and Hall plus various donations to Charities raised from Fund Raising Events.  The expenditure was in excess of our income by £2691 – this deficit was covered by money from our Reserves.  As part of the expenses  £17,844 was paid to the Dioceses as our contribution to “Ministry, Parish and Shared Costs”.  However for 2019, under the Indicative Offer Scheme, the PCC has voted to pay the Diocese £12,623, as calculated by the Diocese, resulting in a saving for 2019 of £5221.

The income from planned giving for 2018 has decreased by £887 on the previous year, however the income from fees for Weddings and Funerals has increased by £2,227 and the income generated by use of the hall by £200.

The groups, Milton Munchies, The After School Club, Messy Church, Little Fishes and Who Let The Dads Out, rather than running as separate entities, have in 2018 amalgamated under the financial control of the new “Milton PCC Community Group”.

Our Unrestricted and Designated Reserves at 31st December 2018 were £60,305 and Restricted Reserves £17,778, the bulk of which came from two legacies received in 2017.

Reserves Policy

The PCC’s decision to retain a high level of  Reserves was, as per the previous year, governed by the need for substantial repairs to the Church.  As the 2017 application for a Heritage Lottery Fund grant was unsuccessful, the PCC in 2019 will consider whether to apply again for a grant or to use the Reserves to start the repairs to the Church.

Deanery Synod

The two most recent Deanery Synod meetings have been in the form of “Across of Nails Service” and a “Chaplaincy Evening”. We are entitled to two representatives but for some time a second volunteer has not been forthcoming.

Cross of Nails Service

Over the period 2014-2018 churches in the Deanery have been remembering the end of the First World War with events organised by each church. Each church giving half the proceeds to the Cross of Nails appeal and half to a charity of their choice. At the service a speaker from the Cross of Nails, which is based at Coventry Cathedral, outlined the work of the charity in bringing reconciliation to people divided by conflict.

Chaplaincy Evening

Chaplains from a range of organisations including emergency services, prisons, hospitals and one to ASDA in Greenhithe were available to talk to Synod members about their work. This was followed by a business meeting.

Who Let The Dads Out

This started last September with what turned out to be a trial run.  (only one Dad came). We meet on the third Saturday of each month from 10 till 12.

We provide various games such as table football, table tennis, table top snooker/pool, air slide hockey, racing car game, and computer games on a big screen as well as make available toys from Little Fishes. Each family is asked to pay £3 for use of games and bacon sandwiches, tea etc.

The idea is

  • to give dads a chance to have fun with their kids
  • dads to socialise with each other
  • give mums a break

As always we could do with another helper because at the moment if Graham or Bob are unavailable the event is off

Messy Church

Messy Church continues to go well and meet the needs of families for whom a traditional form of church doesn’t work. Although some helpers left (our thanks and good wishes go to Victoria), Edwards work shifts now mean that he is able to return to Messy Church. We do have staffing issues when someone is unable to attend, but we do now have a lower staff film showing back up if required. As well as our regular families are those that come and go leaving room for us to welcome some new families to the sessions.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those involved as well as our regular families who attend. Also big thanks to the PCC for our continued funding.

2nd Milton Brownies have been very busy this year!

We are still a very busy unit with over 30 brownies that regularly come each week.

Like the Rainbows we also started the new Girlguiding programme this year. The new programme includes Skill Builder which the girls are working to get their badges and UMA worksheet. The girls also have interest badges they can do at home and these have seen very popular especially the baking badge! As the same as the Rainbows we were very lucky to receive two grants to pay for the new programme.

Last July the brownies enjoyed a two nights holiday at Paxwood our theme was Ronal Dahl. This year we are going in May and our theme is Alice in Wonderland. We are looking forward to this. The Brownies also enjoyed a sleepover at the church hall in February sleeping in two man tents. Father’s Day last year we went to Hopehill with the girls dads we did a campfire and made dens. The dads were very competitive! This mother’s day just gone we had an evening of pampering the girls mums, with mud packs and hand massages. Some were even brave to do feet massages!!  Easter half term we will  be taking the girls on a visit to Parliament and having our picture taken outside 10 Downing Street.

Like the Rainbows we also visited Kidzania London and watched a special cinema day of Mary Poppins.  Also visiting Leeds Castle as a special Girlguiding Day.

 Coming up this year we will be sleeping at Soar Tramopline Park in September. We will also be continuing with our new programme. Our end of term summer party this year will be the theme Hollywood. 

Leonie  Marshall

Third Gravesend Scout Group Report

Firstly, our thanks to St Peter & St Pauls for welcoming us back to the church hall during 2018. Although the threat to our HQ at Chalk has not gone away completely, we do have some breathing space for the immediate future.

The biggest disappointment over the last 12 months is losing 2 leaders from the Cub Pack, due to family commitments, and the Beaver Leader colony due to being unable to commit to running the colony on a regular basis.

We did manage to run the Beaver Colony up until Christmas with the help of leaders from the St Aidens group. Sadly, we were unable to recruit any new leaders to allow us to continue offering scouting for 6-8-year olds. Hopefully this will be a brief interval in us being to operate with three sections in the group.

Never the less we still have an active Cub Pack and Scout troop, with 2 leaders from other groups joining us and returning to active scouting. Hopefully we can continue to grow these two sections over the coming year. The challenge, as always, is to try to encourage more adults to get involved so as we can have in place a robust succession place for the future.

But scouting is all about equipping young people with Skills for Life.

Hopefully we can continue to do this and have a great deal of fun at the same time.

Yours in Scouting

Rob Viner

Group Scout Leader (Third Gravesend Scout Group)

District Appointments Chairman.

Assistant District Appointments Secretary.


The PCC have met 4 times this year – one meeting being cancelled due to bad weather.

Much of our discussion has centred  around safeguarding which the Diocese are focusing on at present. All PCC undertook the C0 safeguarding course and Keith Blakemore has gone on to do C1 and C2.

We were sorry to lose Patricia Fenton our safeguarding officer who has relocated to another area, However we are very pleased to welcome Keith Blakemore who has agreed to take on this role and I am sure will manage the job well.

We look forward to the coming year and all that it holds for us.